5 Amazon Gifts under $50

For a teenage boy, especially if he’s an athlete

Christmas is about a month away. And some wait until the last minute to shop. Others plan way ahead. Whichever category you fall in, you can’t go wrong with this gift guide if you have a teenage boy in your life. Here is the Different Mom’s list of 5 gifts under $50 for a teenage boy.

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I mean, some of us know our sons would probably be happy with money, buckets and buckets of food, and video games.

But we can get them gifts they can unwrap like when they were toddlers, right?

So let’s get started.


socks make great gifts for your athletic teenage son
Socks for your teenage boy (affiliate link)

I KNOW! You’re thinking…SOCKS? But bear with me. These aren’t like the gifts your aunt Mildred gave out every Christmas to her nieces and nephews. Teenage boys, especially athletes are obsessed with a good cool pair of socks.

It may seem like something crazy, or something you’ll never gift your guy with, but trust me on this. You can’t go wrong with some socks if the teenage boy in your life is an athlete.

My son and a lot of his friends are all about a great pair of Nike dri-fit socks.

He will be appreciative.

Hoodie & Matching Sweatpants for your teenage boy

Hoodie for your teenage boy

Yep! A hoodie. If your teenager is anything like mine, he loves his hoodie. My son will only wear a coat if it’s super cold. And that’s rare in his book.

This Under Armour hoodie is only $33. Start your guy off with multiple hoodies to match different outfits. Kind of like I am with my heels.

Matching sweats

And of course you need matching sweatpants to go with the hoodie. At least my son does.

These just like the other ideas before it were under $50. And remember if you’re a Prime Member, you get free shipping.

So go ahead and get the hoodie too.

Wireless Earbuds

What young man doesn’t love earbuds? It’s like they are the must have accessory, and these are wireless.

These make a great stocking stuffer too. You won’t have to worry about hearing his music or the game he is playing on his phone.

These are good for pre game prep (hype music), or riding the bus. They are noise canceling, so I’m not sure how every parent will feel about that. These may give room for an excuse not to listen. But we know that’s not going to happen. ?

Jump Force: Standard Edition – PlayStation 4 

by Bandai

Total confession, I solicited the help of my teenage son for the majority of these ideas, on this post, and this is one he pushed.

I have no clue. He does have a PlayStation, and he insisted that this is the game of the year among his friends, other than NBA 2K20. And use this @import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,400italic,700,700italic);

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