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Well, Hi! Welcome to The Different Mom’s World. I am so glad you stopped by. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jocelyn also know as The Different Mom. I assume you are here because you want to know more about me

So what makes me “different?” Well, first, I am a Single mom who defied the odds of being a single mom. I am someone who fled an abusive relationship. Above all, I do not let Society dictate or define who I am. I am a college-educated, successful career woman, entrepreneur, and homeowner, who is ever-growing and living in God’s grace. And as a result, this blog was created to empower and impact the lives of single mothers. My aim is to get them to know who they are because of Whose they are.

If any of this has you curious, and you are interested in learning more, I urge you to reach out to me in any number of ways, but not limited to:

In 2019, I launched The Different Mom blog and brand as a way to impact and influence single mothers. Impacting those who are looking to reach their potential and their dreams goals. But in 2021, after a devastating 2020, I have made a pivot on how I wish to impact moms. Keep reading to find out more about my pivot.

Get to know more about me & my businesses

So let me tell you how happy I am to share with you what launched me into my business and brand. It is because of that excitement, I will introduce you to those exact steps, when you choose to work with me in whatever capacity.

In the beginning, when I meet someone, I like to get to know their “why.” So, go ahead and tell me what drives you? You can tell me here, or send me an email. And because I ask that of you, I will share the same with you briefly.

Simply put, for those wanting to make extra income, or eliminate their traditional 9-5, this is my why!

And if you are someone who believes they are made for more, I like to reach out specifically to you.

Mothers have approached me when they have struggled with a range of questions like running a business, raising independent, successful children, and having problems with their spiritual identity. And because of my experiences, I felt the need to aid in their pain points. As a result of me wanting to “fix” this, I took a different spin and turn in my business.

My Network Marketing business has launched me into a new vision of showing moms how they can take control of their lives, reach their goals, and not conform to who society thinks they should be.

As a result, within that same Network Marketing business, I have impacted the lives of my customers and business partners with filling their lives with aspirations and dreams they never thought possible.

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To grow with me and know more about me…

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Because of my businesses and experiences, I have been able to develop a proven brand that allows me to do things society does not see obtainable for a single mother. Therefore, my main goal is to empower others to do the very same!

That is where I share content on what I am learning, and what has worked for me, my team, and my community to help them grow to be the best version of themselves.

Empowering or impacting the lives of women to get them to know who they are because of Whose they are is the focus of my business.

More about me & how I grew my brand?

I pride myself in my time management even though my life is jammed packed and fast-paced as a #solomompreneur.  I have created a method that has worked for me for more than 16 years as a single mom, that I love to share with every woman, in particular single mothers of color. In other words, I work with moms on reaching their goals and dreams.

I personally believe my time management skills have given me the means to be successful as a career woman, entrepreneur, influencer all while raising successful, well-rounded, active, Honor Roll children.

If you are interested in learning more about time management and how I manage my busy, but yet keep a productive schedule all while being successful, click here.

If you are tired of:

  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Not having extra income to save
  • Struggling with your identity as a single mom
  • Not feeling successful or stuck on a hamster wheel
  • Struggling with your faith or your identity in God-tired of feeling as if God has abandoned you.
  • The back and forth struggle and ready to launch your own business and become an entrepreneur
  • Feeling like you just do not have enough hours in the day
  • Struggling with raising your children in any aspect

You have come to the right place!!!

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Most importantly, knowing your identity is the cornerstone of your mindset before you start anywhere. As a result, if you feel lost in who you are, or struggle in your identity, download my Single Mom Morning Affirmations as a morning pick me up.

Also, get access to my FREE agenda and access to my Time Manage Like A Mother workbook that was developed for mothers just like you. This is great if you struggle with setting and achieving goals because being a mom gets in the way.

Because of my life as a single mom, I can honestly say, I hear you, and I understand. As a result of my experiences, I will never intentionally mislead you and look forward to working with you!!