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Instagram is where you will see my latest updates, business offers, and more. And the day-to-day grind of The Different Mom. I share with my followers all things relating to my business and brands. As well as the how my brands fit in with my every day life of being a mom.

You will also find out how my faith in God and His Son have impacted my life and sustain me in all of my journeys, especially parenting. And as a result, that has led to success in raising my children to be independent and self-driven, which in turn leads to my being able to work my business.

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There are several places on Facebook you can find me. The first is on my Facebook VIP page. It is open to all and it gives you the latest and greatest my business has to offer. On top of that, there are occasional giveaways!! This is also where you can catch me LIVE with my business deals and products.

Another place to join me is at The Different Mom Blog Facebook page. It is open to any follower of my blog where I display my latest blog posts and chat with my Facebook community. Follow me there to see my latest course launches and downloadable freebies just for you to help you become who God created you to be.

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Single Mom Empowerment & Growth Facebook Group

If you are ready to level up, this is the place to be! You will find me live there every Tuesday at 10:30 am CT with tips and inspiration to grow as a single mom in life and business. It is jam-packed with insights, inspiration, and information to walk in your God-given purpose.

My Single Mom Empowerment & Growth group is a group for the single mom starting out, or who already has their business, but looking for more. When you join this group, I show you how I build my business around my busy life. You learn the exact steps I took when my children were younger to allow me to do the things I do now with little to no unplanned interruptions. But you also see how important my children are, and how they are a part of my journey and success.

In this group, for instance, I teach you my time management hacks, and how to apply them to your life and/or business. These tips and techniques have stood the test of time in my life, and have helped countless people in their journey. You will be introduced to my R.A.S.H. method. As a result of learning and applying these tips, you are destined to excel. So, if you are curious about that, come follow me there.

Are you trying to grow and scale your business and brand all while being a single mom? If so, then this is definitely the place for you. Perhaps you are in a network marketing business and want to see how that fits into your busy life or around any other ideas you have, follow me in the Single Mom Empowerment & Growth Group

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