Family Time

Friday nights are the nights we don’t have to rush home, get dinner ready, homework done, laundry done, clothes laid out for the next day, and a 30-45 minute workout done, or church (on Wednesday nights)…yes, this is how hectic our school/work week is.

Outside Play

Before the wind, rain, and possible snow rolled in, we got to enjoy the unusually warm January weather by playing a game of P.I.G…I lost of course 🙁 Friday nights are our nights to truly relax. I know it’s not always practical to stop and relax, but trust me it’s necessary…especially for us mama’s. It’s OK to unwind and shoot some hoops. There’s no need to rush and get dinner on the table. No need to rush to get laundry done. There’s always Saturday, right?

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Friday Funday

Most Friday nights, unless there is a basketball game to attend or some other extra curricular activity that is calling our names, we have game night, eat out, order takeout, watch football, or basketball–depending on the season, or just lounge around. Board games are always a great way to enjoy your children. You learn a lot about them…good and bad.

Games We Recommend:

  • Clue
  • Beat the Parents—we have the Disney edition, but there are others you can get
  • 5 Second Rule
  • Outburst
  • Scattergories
  • Googly Eyes
  • UNO–I learned something new about the “draw 4” card! Did you know you can only play this card if that is the only card in your hand that you can play? If your opponent(s) suspects you had other cards you can play from your hand, you have to show them your hand. If you were wrong, you have to draw 4, BUT IF THEY WERE WRONG, THEY HAVE TO DRAW 6!!

All of these are great, but you may want to get games specific to your child’s age and/or ability. Scattergories says it is for ages 12+, but my 10 year old has been playing it for several years, and does just fine. It will challenge your children, but it will provide some great entertainment with the variety of answers.

Scattergories Game - image 2 of 12

These are just a few cheap, fun ideas. See my posts on saving money to get other ideas. Friday nights don’t always have to be expensive, or even spent outside of the house, especially when it’s cold out.

Quick Friday Night Recipes

  • French Bread Pizza
  • Quesadillas
  • Spicy Pretzels (for snack)
  • Leroy’s hotwings—BBQ for me, because I can’t take the heat
  • Big Peanut Butter Cup Cookie

For us, Friday nights are for relaxing. Let me help you relax, and enjoy family time. Stay up late–sleep in…unless you have to get up early on Saturday.

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