DIY Gold Slime

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, the slime girl wanted to make her some shiny DIY gold slime.

We wear green in our house on St. Patrick’s Day and semi celebrate with a few fun things.

create this easy 3 ingredient glitter glue slime with your child. Easy and fun for all ages
Gold Glitter Glue Slime

For instance, I made some Rainbow Pancakes one year for my crew that they absolutely loved. You can get the recipe here.

This is so easy, you’ll make tons of it (too bad it’s not real gold). Below are the simple ingredients and steps to make your own DIY Gold Slime.

All you will need now is your very own leprechaun.

It’s only three ingredients to make this sparkly, shiny gold slime.

Ingredients for DIY Gold Slime

  • Gold Glitter Glue
  • Contact Solution
  • Baking Soda

Those are all of the ingredients. And remember, she doesn’t measure exact ingredients. So you will need to add the amount as you see fit to get your desired consistency and feel.

Three Ingredients for easy diy glitter glue slime
DIY Glitter Glue

Supplies for DIY Gold Slime

  • Small Bowl–for mixing
  • Spoon or something to mix with

That’s it…3 ingredients and two materials/supplies. It takes less than 5 minutes to make.

When we say our slime recipes are simple, I truly mean it.

Steps to make DIY Gold Slime

Glitter Glue Slime
  • Combine Glitter glue, contact solution, and baking soda into your bowl.
  • Next mix with your spoon until well mixed.
  • If slime is too sticky add more baking soda and/or contact solution as needed
  • Continue to mix until you get the consistency you’d like and it is well mixed

That’s it! Check out more of her videos and slime making adventures on her YouTube channel.

We hope you enjoy your slime making adventures. If there are any types of slimes, you’d like for her to do, let her know and she’ll do her best to accommodate your request.

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