Important Information and free-tutoring for families during COVID-19

The month has thrown so many families for a loop. Parents have been thrown into the roles of remote employees, stay-at-home parents, homeschool teacher and so much more. The Different Mom has teamed up with (COVID-19) Distribute educational resources to bring you some much- needed assistance and information in this trying time.

Not only are our minds rocked and flipped upside down. Your schedules are probably all over the place, and you want to get back on track.

If you’re like me and so many other mothers who have been trying to even find a place to begin. Here is an extremely helpful resource for you and your family.

For more information to help

Where can you get help for families during COVID-19

A month ago, we realized millions of families were facing the prospect of having to teach their kids from home. As parents and educators, we wanted to create a place where any family could go to get concrete help and emotional support through this difficult transition – and beyond. We also saw a lot of companies and individuals trying to help, but no unified effort to respond to the crisis.

We called on our friends in edtech, food and psychological support to help us coordinate our efforts to help families. We built a hotline overnight that was staffed by volunteer parents with experience in remote learning – and parents and teachers all over the country started calling in with questions about where to find meals, the best tools for online learning, how to use google classroom, the best way to engage kids while parents work from home – or just to have someone to talk to who could listen and empathize with their situation. 

Great news for families during COVID-19

In the first week, we were able to provide a chrome book to a family in Florida, groceries to a mom with a new baby in Gardena, a volunteer tutor to a family with children with special needs in Raleigh and emotional and practical support to many more.

Since then, our coalition has grown to 100 partners and 200 volunteers providing emotional support, social services, tutoring and more. We are growing every day as new volunteers and organizations reach out to see how they can be of support.

What information is still to come for families effected by COVID-19

As we learn more about what parents and teachers need and create new projects to support them. There is so much information coming at parents and teachers every day. It’s our hope that we can continue to be a place where families can call and get a clear resolution to whatever problem they are facing and more importantly find a loyal friend with expertise – committed to getting them through this time and to the next

For more information call (855) 264-2051

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