Happy Mother’s Day…My Top 5 Gifts

We’ve all seen those meme’s that ask you if you could have one, which would you choose, and have you choose from a self cleaning house, or someone to cook meals for you, and so on and so on. I actually get torn between those decisions as if they could actually happen. If they could, Happy Mother’s Day to you every day! What would you choose if you could choose anything for Mother’s Day?

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Happy Mother’s Day from my daughter

I asked my children if they could get their mother anything for Mother’s Day, what would they get me. My daughter said money, my dream house, my dream car, and a Chick-fil-a gift card–I’m excited for all of those, but that Chick-fil-a gift card, could be life changing!

From my son:

When I asked my son what he would get me, if he could get me anything, his list went something like this…

  • An outfit
  • A new Apple Watch
  • A new iphone

Those are things, he knows I wouldn’t buy myself. I have bought an Apple Watch, but it’s Series 1 and haven’t upgraded. I’m still pushing my iPhone 6s too. Happy Mother’s Day to me, right?!

How thoughtful are my children?! They truly are a blessing. I love spending as much time as possible with them. And that includes learning from them, pouring into them, and experiencing with them. I wonder if these are signs that they know their mother, and also realize that I won’t splurge on myself. I’m not sure how to take that, but to top both of their lists, they said they would give me all of their love.

There are so many material things I could name that I would like for Mother’s Day, and here are a few of the things on my list.

My Mother’s Day Picks

  1. New luggage. We travel at least once every summer, and for just about every holiday. I have worn out my luggage, and I think it’s time for some new ones. Maybe getting the mom in your life some new luggage will encourage her to take some trips, and remember to focus on experiences for herself and/or her family.
Luggage makes a good gift for Mother's Day
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2. Shoes I have always loved shoes. I have way more pairs of shoes than I need, but I wouldn’t mind if someone bought me another pair or two. These are some that I have had my eye on. They are perfect for casual wear or that special occasion.

3. I love to lounge, and I’m always cold, so this hoodie is right up my alley! If you adore hoodies like I do, get yourself one, or ask your family to get you one for Mother’s Day. It comes in a variety of colors. Pick your favorite.

A hoodie! Happy Mother's Day!

4. This shirt is a must on my list, and you can find it here. This shirt describes my current state of mind, becauseI truly love being a black woman, and I am beautiful.

A Happy Mother's Day Gift T-shirt

5. The last item on my list… The Mug With A Hoop

Happy Mother's Day gift idea
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Remember, when I told you I was a huge sports fan, and this is proof! Who doesn’t love this cute mug for your hot chocolate? My basketball playing son sure appreciated it.

Happy Mother’s Day from The Different Mom

These are my top five gifts that I think every mother could receive for Mother’s Day, and would appreciate. And guess what, all of these are under $50.

I know us Mother’s should be appreciated every day out of the year, but let your family, especially your children show you how much they love and adore you the best way they know how. It might not be your idea of a great day, but it is theirs, and the best way they know how to show you. Be grateful and appreciative, because your appreciation, and reaction to gifts will be seen in their heads for years to come, don’t ruin that experience for them.

So enjoy your day Mama. Happy Mother’s Day!

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