Homemade Metallic Slime

My daughter wanted to try something new with her slime making. Believe it or not, she had never made homemade metallic slime. This post will show you how she made her metallic slime. Remember she doesn’t measure, she eyeballs, and it’s almost natural to her.

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Ingredients for homemade black metallic slime

  • black glitter glue
  • contact solution
  • baking powder
  • water
  • metallic paint

Step one

In a mixing bowl, add your glitter glue, and some metallic paint to give it a shinny look. She mixed that around.

Mix all of this until it’s well incorporated.

Step two

Next she added a coupe of drops of contact solution, and added about a tablespoon of water.

She mixed until most of the water was gone.

Last step in making homemade metallic slime

She then added a little bit of baking soda, so she could knead it without it sticking to her hands. She said she had to knead it really well, and often. You have to keep mixing it to get the consistency that you want.

Overall she was pleased with her creation. You can see other slime recipes of hers here or you can check out her YouTube channel to see other slime recipes, and other experiments.

All of her recipes are really simple and quick. You should check out all of her inventions on her YouTube channel. I recommend her recipes for children looking to get into slime making, or parents who want to find projects for their children.

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Her slime recipes are inexpensive, simple, and fun. They can get messy, that’s why I recommend using a DollarTree table cloth, to aid in in the cleanup.

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