Color Changing Slime

After a few months off to enjoy her summer vacation, my slime making daughter is at it again.

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This time, she used her money to buy Elmer’s Color Changing Glue (affiliate link) to make her coolest slime yet—in my opinion.

Affiliate link

The slime changes color in the sunlight. When you expose it to the sunlight and work it, it changes from blue to purple.

Once you remove it from the sun or put it in the shade, it will change back to blue.

If you’ve followed her videos and my posts, you know she eyeballs and doesn’t measure.

Color Changing Slime

For best results, follow her videos, and you will get a feel for how much to add.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Elmer’s Color Changing Glue
  • Contact solution
  • Baking Soda
Ingredients to make color changing slime

Not pictured in the above picture is the baking soda she used.

Pour the glue into a bowl, then add in the baking soda. Next mix in the contact solution.

Knead and play with the mixture until your desired consistency and texture you wish.

Don’t add too much contact solution. If you happen to add too much, it will become watery. But her solution to this is work and knead it to get the excess out.

You can see all of her other slime making videos on her YouTube channel. And don’t forget to subscribe and like, so you won’t miss any of her creations.

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