Fall Target Finds

Get Comfy with these Target finds

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It’s officially fall, and that means cozy, comfy socks, pumpkins, & other Fall decor. And of course pumpkin spice (even though I’m not a fan).

And of course, we need a blanket to curl up with!

So check out these fall finds from target.

Cozy Socks

Who doesn't love cozy socks
Cozy Socks

These are so soft and comfortable. Who doesn’t love a good pair of cozy socks to lay around the house. Grab you a pair, and curl up on the couch. Or these would make great gifts, especially a stocking stuffer.

Oversize Throw Blanket

Yep you know you want one, to go along with your comfy socks! This thing is so soft and warm. If you don’t buy one for yourself, put this on your wish list for a gift.

You need this blanket in your life.

Oversize throw

#momlife Coffee Mug

Target #momlife coffee mug
#momlife coffee mug

If you’re going to curl up on the couch and watch football…yes, I know not everyone watches sports like me.

But whatever you watch on the couch, and you like coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, it will taste amazing in this mug.

And it’s not officially fall unless you decorate your home in fall decor right?!

And target has some amazingly cute finds. Here are just a few.


Target Thankful pillow for your fall decore
Target Thankful pillow
Perfect Harvest Squash Burlap Throw Pillow
Perfect Harvest Squash Burlap Throw Pillow
This is cutest Target Cable Knit Pillow. It comes in a variety of colors.
Cute Target Cable Knit Pillow

And we know it’s not fall without some pumpkins.

Grab you a few pumpkins to decorate your home. You want it to feel like Fall, and it will feel more like Fall with some pumpkins.

Just sprinkle some here and there and tada! It’s officially Fall.

Sprinkle some pumpkins for your house to feel more like Fall
Target Pumpkins
How cute are these Target pumpkins
Cute Target Pumpkins

And probably my favorite pumpkin of this Fall!

Adorable ceramic pumpkin from Target
Adorable ceramic pumpkin

Is it not the most adorable pumpkin you’ve seen? Do you see why this is on my favorite list?

And you can’t go wrong with a pumpkin wreath!!

Everyone needs a pumpkin wreath for the Fall decor. Get this one at Target.
Perfect Pumpkin Wreath

So get to decorating, and curl up on the couch in your comfy socks, make sure you have a mug of your favorite warm beverage, and get your blanket. And Netflix and chill by yourself.

Embrace and enjoy this fall weather!

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