Easy DIY Scarecrow Costume

Easy DIY Scarecrow

When trying to think of easy DIY costumes, a scarecrow really never crossed my mind, but I needed to think of something. As a single mother, it’s just cheaper to make your own…after all, who are you trying to impress. And then a thought popped into my head, I have a pair of overalls, I can do an easy DIY scarecrow costume.

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A train conductor did cross my mind, but I figured the scarecrow would be more fun to make, and cuter.

This costume is for a toddler, so it is absolutely adorable. You’ll most likely have all of these items at home. If not, they are truly inexpensive.

What you will need:

  • Overalls (I used a pair that I know he wouldn’t wear again)
  • Burlap
  • Old plaid shirt (if you don’t have one they’ve outgrown, you can get one from the thrift store)
  • Rattan
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Scissors
  • Costume face paint or eye liner
  • faux flower

So how do you put it all together?

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First, cut out 3-4 squares from the plaid shirt. Set those aside.

he plaid shirt. Set those aside.

Next cut out 3-4 squares from the burlap. Then you’ll cut a strips of rattan. Be your own judge on the size of squares (depending on the size of the overalls, or just how you want them), and rattan strips. You may want to use more or less than I did.

Pull the flower away from the stems, leaving only the flower (no greenery). Trust me on this, it makes it easier to glue down.

Easy DIY toddler scarecrow costume. Arrange the patches on the overalls to their desired position.

Place the squares, flower, and rattan however you’d like on the overalls before gluing.

Once you’ve figured out the pattern you desire, glue them all down. With the hot glue gun.

I glued the rattan inside the pockets to minimize the trail of rattan that could be left around town.

Easy DIY scarecrow costume. Only a few materials needed, a lot of what you probably already have around the house.
back of the overalls

And that’s it! Isn’t he adorable?

And no judging, I bought the hat from the costume store. I didn’t want to sew! So this costume only cost me the amount of the hat. Everything else was already at home.


The easiest scarecrow costume you'll make. Only a few materials you already have at home will be needed.
Easy DIY Scarecrow Costume

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