3 Things I’m Loving This Summer As A Single Mom

So much is happening this summer for me and my crew. Family vacations, family reunion planning, and now back to school time is in full force. For a mom–especially a single mom, it all can pile up, and costs can add up quickly. I’ve had some help from things to along the way, this summer. And here are 3 things I’m loving.

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#1 of 3 things I’m loving…

Self Care!

I recently wrote a post about this, and am slowly feeling deeply about this. I don’t think I ever truly subscribed to or valued the importance of this. Growing up, it was almost taboo to think, moms needed to take care of themselves.

It was almost looked at as selfish, but now I know better. It’s taking some time, but I’m working on adjusting and getting there. Check out my post where I talk about different methods of self care.

Remember, self care isn’t selfish!

And one way, is pampering myself. I don’t go to extremes, because, I am a single mom, and I live on a budget, but I do love this little creation

I love a good face mask, and moisturizer (affiliate link) to keep my face on point, clean, and clear. I don’t wear makeup, with the exception of the occasional mascara or lip gloss, but I still workout and sweat, so I use a mask to clean the pores about 3 times a week.

I love these masks, my favorite is the charcoal.

Whatever works for you, get it and pamper yourself.

Go get that massage. Go get your nails done. Take a nap. Here is my guide to some ways to partake in self care

It may not seem a lot to you, but it’s the little things that remind me to take care of myself so my household can be at it’s best.

#2 of things I’m loving

Love spending time in God’s Word

Spending time in God’s Word, and with the Lord. I go back and forth, and from time to time I admittedly, fall of. But this devotion book here, has helped me stay on track!

I highly recommend it. I’ve blogged about it before, but I can’t get enough of it.

affiliate link

It has helped me stay connected, and remember who I am, because of Whose I am.

It’s a way for me to connect and better myself. Start looking for ways to get in His Word. Look for ways to learn who you are in Christ.

#3 I’m loving this summer weather

So many people have complained about how warm it is, but not me. Summertime is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons. One is the heat. I love 90+ degree temps.

People say they hate it, and can’t wait until Fall. I say, give it to me any day of the year. I tend to do my best and the most work when the days are longer, and the weather is warm.

I’m thankful for all four seasons, and know that God has a plan for each season, but Summer is my favorite.

Fire flies, snow cones, family vacations, longer days with my children, all of it! That is number three on my list of 8 things I’m loving.

Cute shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Everything is awesome in the Summer. Everyone is trying to get that Summer body for those clothes, not that Fall or Winter body (LOL).

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This is just a short list, but I encourage you to find what you’re loving and enjoy it.

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