Monday Must-Haves Home Decor Edition

We’re here for another edition of The Different Mom Monday Must-Haves. This week, we are talking about home decor. I love choosing just the right decor for every season and holiday for my home. But more importantly, it MUST be affordable. So this Monday Must-Haves Home decor will focus on inexpensive home decor from Amazon.

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These things when paired with the just right Scentsy warmer, will work in any season.

All you need is the solid anchor piece, either the Scentsy warmer will be your anchor piece, or something like a pedestal to decorate on as your anchor to bring a look together.

Monday Must-Haves Home Decor

What’s great, is all of these Monday Must-Haves Home decor ideas will work if you are a customer of Scentsy or a consultant for party staging or photo staging.

Monday Must-Haves Home Decor #1

This section will touch on different types of pedestals depending on your style. I’m a farmhouse-style type of person the majority of the time. But you can choose any of these and work with them.


Monday Must-Haves pedestals decor to bring the look you want
Decorate with pedestals to add your style and depth inexpensively

These are a few of my favorites because they aren’t too flashy. I’m not a huge flashy person. If you are, you can check on other types.

These are so versitle. You can add just about anything to them to get the look you want.

This pedestal is inexpensive and can be used if you are a farmhouse person, or rustic. I have even used it when I’m trying to go for a modern look.

When paired with the right warmer and plant (artificial or real) and planter, it can be any look.

If you are looking for a more modern or elegant, sleek look you may want to at the pedestal below.

Monday Must-Haves Home Decor #1 Pedestals
Monday Must-Haves Home Decor #1 Pedestals

This one here! I’m in love. I thought I was more of a rustic decor person, but I do throw in some different pops from time to time.

With this pedestal being around twenty dollars, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Be bold and add some color. Either a colorful warmer, beads, and of course some plant-life. I always love adding artifical plants to my spotlight areas.

You can get them from Dollar Tree, Target, Amazon, and just about anywhere for no more than $5.

Please don’t go out and spend more than $5 for an artificial plant, and more than $25 on a pedestal.

You will get multiple uses out of all of them so they are worth the investment.

And remember, I love to empower single mothers, and what better way than to show them how to get the home look they are looking for.

Monday Must-Haves Home Decor #2

Wood Beads!

I don’t care who you are, these are all the craze nowadays…do kids still stay that anyway?

But seriously, they are popular, and can be perfect for any decorating style, especially farmhouse.

Wood Beads for Easter

There are even colorful ones, like this Easter one, you can use to decorate for holidays!

I mean how cute is this?

And another great thing about these Monday Must-Haves Home decor items is the price! They are affordable and can bring any room together.

My staple beads can be found here. I use these year-round and with almost every staging area I do.

Right now, they are paired with a Scentsy warmer, flowers, for a pop of color, and a wood tray.

I don’t subscribe to looking for different elements to tag together. In my mind, I just go with what looks right.


The true must-have for any space you are decorating–greenery. Rather real or artificial, this will bring any space together. Find them in any store you enter. Plants bring your space to life, and should not be over looked when decorating.

I myself, do not have a green thumb, so almost all of the plants in my home are artificial.

For around $3 you can get you great plants. Add yellow in the spring, oranges and red for the fall. And of course, plants with berries and evergreens in the winter for your Christmas looks.

Decorating and decor does not have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be hard. I think when we see a space on Pinterest, and we want that look, we overcomplicate it.

We want to go out and spend money on all the things when you can keep it simple, inexpensive, and versatile with these staples.

So, to you, I say look for the look you want, and find what you have lying around the house, then add the pops for less than $30. You don’t have to break the bank.

Remember, this is what you want, the space will reflect and dictate your mood and your feelings, so make it the space you wish for less–less money and less stress.

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