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Four Habits Of a Successful Woman

Whether you’re a boss babe, SAHM (Stay at home mom), mompreneur, or a working mom, you want to be successful. You want to excel. As a college graduate as a single mother, a working single mother, and an entrepreneur, I know what it’s like striving for success in all ways. Throughout my “careers,” I have developed four habits of a successful woman, to help me to keep killing it in all areas in my life.

And I’m going to share that with you. These are not all of the steps, but these steps have helped me become successful in all areas of my life.

My life is busy just like yours. I have children in extracurricular activities. We are busy from sun up to sun down on the majority of our days. I own my own business, while also working a full time job.

So if any of this sounds like your life, but you’re struggling, let me give you some tips to help you kill it.

Creating a routine is the first habit of a successful woman.

And stick to that routine. Repeat it day after day. So many people might consider this boring or almost O.C.D., but let me tell you, it has propelled me to success. In my time management course, I teach you how to create a routine.

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The routine is what makes your day go. A successful woman will pretty much have the same routine each day from the time she gets up, to the time she goes to bed. She knows what’s next each day, so there are very few surprises.

My routine, and every successful woman’s routine, will allow for some wiggle room for those “just in case moments.”

Your routine, if you want to be successful should always include

Free time

These seems so simple, but you’d be surprised at how many women, think they must always be “busy” in order to be successful. But here’s a tip, busy doesn’t always mean important. So remember that. Just because you feel like you have a ton to do, or feel like you have to accomplish it all, you being busy doesn’t mean your work is important to your goal, or the goals of others.

Schedule in free time for yourself, and your family and friends. It helps relieve stress, so you can focus on your goals, and what is important.

A successful woman keeps an Agenda

If you feel like you’re always late or forgetting your appointments, then keep an agenda. Write down your doctor’s appointments, your girls’ nights. These are things that aren’t in your daily routine.

You can use an electronic calendar on your phone or your computer. Or you can get an actual planner. One I use or recommend is this

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My agenda includes appointments for my children as well as myself. If you have a meeting that doesn’t occur every day, make sure you’re keeping it in our agenda.

The purpose of an agenda is to keep you on schedule, and on task, for things that don’t usually fall into your daily routine.

You shouldn’t make this stressful. It’s there to help you. Pay attention to every successful woman, they have an agenda.

Successful women learn to streamline

Whether that is doing laundry on a certain day, or setting out the clothes the night before. I have developed four habits of a successful woman, to help me to keep killing it in all areas in my life, and this is probably the one I am most proud of.

I have learned not try and do 5 or 6 loads of laundry in one day, but rather one or two on specific days. You can check out my tricks and tips on doing laundry here.

I always here my friends, and women complaining about their mountains of laundry, so I thought I would share my hacks. If you want to have time to spend with your children, or being a boss babe, you need to learn to streamline tasks to save time.

It doesn’t have to be laundry, it can be only checking your emails at 8:00 am, 11:30 am, 2:00 pm, and sometime later. Learn to streamline your tasks, to avoid staying “busy.” I’ve often found out that it’s more of boredom, or mom’s wearing the word “busy” as a status symbol.

Make all of this a habit

Make all of these steps a habit. That’s right, and I can show you how, in my course. All you have to do is make the about three steps a habit in your life, and you’ll be on your way to success.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’m not disagreeing with it either. Form a habit of waking up at 5:30 am, and getting out of your house at a certain time each day.

Create a habit of washing your bright clothes on Monday. Or having your children set out their clothes the night before school.

Figuring out your routine, keeping an agenda, and streamlining your tasks, are only successful if you make them a habit. Repeat it, and repeat it again, and it will become easier.

Throughout my “careers,” I have developed four habits of a successful woman, to help me to keep killing it in all areas in my life.

Employ all of these tips, and enroll in my courses, and let me help you get to your idea of success. You’ll be well on your way to killing it as a successful woman.

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