Fixes To Your Network Marketing Recruiting Woes

Fixes to your network business
Fixes to your network marketing recruiting woes

I can probably guess why you are here. You’ve been struggling for probably more than a year trying to grow and recruit in your MLM or Network Marketing business. But now you are trying to look for fixes to your network marketing recruiting woes. So you are willing to try anything, so alas, you clicked on this article. 

You have heard everyone at the top of your company tell you to “make a list of 100” or maybe message people. 

But what does all of that mean? And you are sick of lists and cold messaging just seems creepy. 

Trust me, I get it, because I have been there. 

Perhaps the difference is, that I eventually, got fed up with really spinning my wheels, being stuck, and seeing no results.

I knew I wanted a bigger paycheck, but I just wasn’t seeing the results. And on top of my personal frustration, I was getting frustrated because I felt as if I was not helping my team grow their business the way they deserved. 

After throwing my hands up, it was time to build my team, but I needed something simpler, less creepy, and something that I knew would work for me. 

Once I developed, implemented and revamped my old systems and processes to work for me, in 2020, I recruited more than 15 people in about four (4) months’ time.

And that may not seem like a lot to you, but in the last quarter of 2020, I did absolutely nothing to work my business due to a personal tragedy. 

I came up with the fixes for my network marketing business, which I believe you can turn into fixes for your network marketing recruiting woes. 

Fixes For Your Network Marketing Recruiting Woes #1

Intentional Branding:

Do you know who you are? Whom are you trying to reach? What sets you apart from any other consultant, stylist, or retailer? Why do you need to brand yourself, or why did I?

The answer is simple:

It creates interest and curiosity from your followers, and potential recruits and it also allows for flexibility especially if you need to make a pivot.

For example after a devastating personal tragedy, the last four months of 2020, I made a serious pivot and refocused my brand.

Never changed companies, but, rather focused on who I wanted to reach and what direction I wanted to grow. That’s what makes branding so essential. 

But I needed to do something with that brand. So I took to Social Media and created as one of

My Fixes To My Network Marketing Recruiting Woes

The great thing about this fix, you can implement it too. I created a strategy on social media that got more eyes on me and my content. And more eyes on the products, and what my company had to offer. 

I made sure I stayed consistent in my Social Media strategy. And I made sure to see if it really could work, and guess what so far it has worked. 

These were only two of the twelve strategies I implemented in my business to watch it grow! 

And now, I am ready to teach you these exact methods in my “Recruit Like A Boss” Masterclass.

Picture this hashtag next to your name #bossbabe

If you smiled at the thought of that, you are ready to learn my “secrets”

Since you say you are ready to find

Fixes To Your Network Marketing Recruiting Woes

I am ready to teach you the exact methods that helped me grow my team. 

If you are serious about growing your business and recruiting, I have exactly what you are looking for to take your business to the next level. 

fixes to your network marketing recruiting woes

As I mentioned before, I saw a 450% increase in my team growth in four months. These strategies are duplicatable and great for you to implement if you want that type of growth. Here is where you start…

  • Intentional Branding: Develop and create a brand that sets you apart from any other consultant, and will lead people to want to follow you
  • Change Your Mindset: We are going to go from can’t to can, and give you the confidence you need to recruit and grow your team like your boss. And not only that, we will discuss the power of your “why”
  • Learn Systems That Will Work For You: Use others and even the already existing systems to your benefit with less talking from you. 
  • Learn and Talk About Social Media Growth: And why it is crucial if you are serious about building a downline and growing in your MLM business. 
  • Form & Grow Relationships: I will show you how to take the awkwardness out of DMs when it comes to recruiting
  • We Will Even Discuss The List of 100: It will not be your “grandmas” list of 100, but The Different Mom’s revamped and reimagined list

Let’s make recruiting a little less stressful and a little easier, by walking through each of the above steps. 

Grab the “Recruit Like A Boss” Masterclass to learn more about recruiting to grow your business.

You can also join me in my FACEBOOK GROUP where we discuss all things. We discuss Time Management, creating multiple streams of income online, and more. You will need empowerment once your business starts to grow.

I’ll see you there!

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