Gift Ideas for Single Moms
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Single Mom Gift Ideas

It’s not often we as single moms get showered with gifts. But one can dream right. Here are a few single mom gift ideas that are useful and tactical, and practical.

These ideas are not only useful and practical, but also affordable.

You can take your children to the store, or let them shop on Amazon. However you like to shop, these ideas are easy to grab.

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Amazon Gifts For Single Moms

Gift Card

Amazon Gift cards make great gifts for single mom's
Amazon Gift Card

Of course you can’t go wrong with a gift card. My mom says they are such impersonal gifts.

But they come in handy in a pinch. When I’m hit with a last minute “must have” from my children…like something they need for school. Or they help if you need to buy a gift for someone else.

Weight Blanket

Need I say more? How much can I say about these? They are comfortable and comforting.

When us mamas get a chance to relax, a weighted blanket offers so much comfort. Request one of these as a gift.

Or if you’re searching for a gift for your mom, search no further.

A weighted blanket is such a great gift for single mothers. They are comforting and comfortable.
weighted blanket

Fitbit Versa2

The Fitbit Versa2 makes a great gift for single moms
Fitbit Versa2

Mamas have goals too. For those of us that are motivated by staying healthy, the Fitbit Versa2 is a must.

It’s sleek, it’s effective, and you can change the bands!

It tracks your sleep. If you’re serious about getting a hold of your health (even if it’s just your sleep health), but this on your list.

Target Gifts

""/“>instant pot, you can’t. Put this on your Christmas wish list. Or buy it yourself. You won’t regret it!


Single moms don’t always have another adult to talk to, so making a conscious effort to let your thoughts out. A journal is a great way to do that.

It will hold you accountable, and will help to not download all of your thoughts on your children.

Not every mom likes to journal, and that is OK, but for those that do, Target has a great selection. Journal writing allows me as a mom to clear my head, and thoughts.

Bullet journals help guide and prompt you when you feel stuck.

A bullet Journal is a great gift for single moms and all moms

Bullet Journal

If you don’t have time to keep up with a bullet journal, request Write down your thoughts. A journal is a great gift for single moms. Keep this gift in mind.

Target Journal

I also have a daily journal that helps mom focus on their goals and reflect on their day. You can get your copy here.

A Target gift card

Great gift ideas for single moms that she'll love
Target Gift Ideas

Once again, this is something that helps in a pinch. If you need to run out to grab something (even if it’s a meal) for your family, a Target gift card comes in so handy.

Now these only scratch the surface of things that single moms would love, and would love to use.

If you’re a mom, put these on your list. If you’re shopping for your mom, grab one or all of these for her.

And what’s great about these, they are affordable.

You can’t and won’t go wrong.

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  1. Great gift ideas for single moms! My favorite thing to receive is Amazon gift cards–since I’m a single mom who has my kids full time all the time, reading is my main self-care outlet.

    1. thedifferentmomblog says:

      Books are my escape a lot of times. And Amazon gift cards help a lot!

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