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Do I count? I too can be successful!

Whoa! I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, so I’m sure I just have a lot more digging to do.

But today something hit me…I have no clue why it took me by surprise or off guard, but it did.

What’s the “it”, you ask. As I search on Pinterest or other social media accounts, there are VERY FEW MOM BLOGGERS THAT LOOK LIKE ME!

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Not just mom bloggers but what society sees as a successful entrepreneur or business person.

I was searching on Pinterest for mom blogs to glean from. I’m forever learning, not just in my new blogging journey, but in every thing.

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I’m constantly learning new ways to clean my home. Looking for ways to save money. Different devotionals for women (in particular black women…because, yes in spite of what people think, the struggles are not the same. There are some similar, but not all).

Black women tend to work twice as hard for less. We aren’t seen as soft (and honestly, I don’t see myself as soft). So we don’t need rescuing. Think about Hollywood, how many films show a man rescuing a black woman? Even if the hero is a black man. He’s usually coming to the aid of a white woman.

And many times it seems we can’t be successful like a white woman. Or we can’t want, or like the same things white women do. When I say like a white women, I mean, society doesn’t glorify our success stories like they do the “self-made” successful blogger or business owner, outside of Oprah of course.

This post is in no way knocking white women or any woman. It’s simply an observation. And in my mind, confirmation of why I started this blog.

The stereotypes of black women being aggressive, poor, loud, difficult, not driven reared their ugly heads the second I saw those search results. I simply searched “mom blogs” and out of the first 50 I saw maybe 2 or 3 women of color, and none were black.

This hit me like a ton of bricks. I was simply wanting to look into collaborating, or get ideas, or get advice from mom bloggers who have been at it for a while.

And that brick was thrown hard and heavy… That’s why the thoughts that jumped in my head did indeed jump.

Does the world see me as intimidating or confrontational, because they don’t get my sense of humor? Why are they not intimidated by the white mom they see who says “she’s tired of this job.” But yet if it comes out of my mouth, I later hear, “you scared me at first.” Why is that?

White people reading this. 1) Stop being so scary. 2) Stop believing what you see on T.V. about us black women. We can have a bad day without y’all being scared of us the entire tenure of our career. Just like the blonde woman who said the same thing.

All of this came from just wanting help on making my blog successful.

It would have been amazing to see a black successful mom blogger!

And there my motivation came rushing back. I’m going to be that for someone. I’m going to be on that search list. Like I said before, that is why I sat out to do this blog thing.

To show you, the single mother, she is not that stereotype society has painted her with. To show her she can graduate from college. She can have a successful career. She can be intelligent. She can be an entrepreneur. She can be a great mother. She can have great children. She can be a successful blogger…It’s not reserved only for the stay-at-home white mother.

When that mom does her search, she’ll see my picture, or another black woman’s profile near the top of that list.

Lady, if you’re reading this, don’t stop. Keep pushing. Society does not define us. And the majority of the time, what they think about us, they are dead wrong.

Black mothers can be crafty. Black mothers can save money. Black mothers can excel in corporate, and take fun vacations. Black mothers do need love, and in turn, she does know how to show love.

I’m here to change that all! I’m here! I count! I’m going to make things different for you. Stay with me, and you’ll see how powerful we can be…without being a threat, because people are intimidated.

You’ve even heard that feminism often doesn’t include the black woman.

In the words of Sojourner Truth “Ain’t I a Woman.”

Yes, I am! And I’m a black unapologetic successful mom who is a blogger.

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